Why You Need to Make a Pedicure Station That Can Give an Elevated Platform

Why You Need to Make a Pedicure Station That Can Give an Elevated Platform

Pedicure is a universal grooming activity, predominantly among women. During the pedicure process, it is best if one would place their foot at an angle of forty-five degrees on a stool or table that is stable. The procedure of pedicure necessitates the requirement of a range of instruments and supplies, such as clippers, nail polish, nail files, polish remover, scissors, lotion, nail hardener, and cuticle softener. As such, it is necessary to store these items properly when not in use. In addition, it is tiresome and difficult for the user get up from her set position when in the process of giving herself a pedicure in order to obtain another required item.

This is because nail polish is applied on the person’s toes and therefore he or she cannot wear shoes until it gets dried up. Another probability is that when the user moves around, the polish rubs off on expensive carpets, furnishings and other parts of the house where the feet are laid on. A professional offering pedicure services should necessarily have all the instruments ready to for the sake of its client’s convenience.

As such, it is normally desirable to have a suitable place where all necessary items can be located so that the user does not have to necessary to get up and look for other items required, especially when the toe is wet with nail polish or even remover.

A pedicure can be a remarkable form of pampering, and can raise your spirits and appease your aching feet at the same time. The development of the Pedicure station was a result of the necessity of the person undergoing the treatment to support his or her foot. The development is chiefly used as a hold up or rest on which the foot of the user is placed in a position that is favorable to performing pedicures. The development provides a satisfied and ergonomic device for sustaining in performing pedicures. It provides a convenient storage space for equipments used for the procedure. In addition, the device is handy and provides a convenient method to transport items that are related to the procedure of pedicure.

Therefore, Pedicure station is an entity of the invention to provide equipment for positioning the foot of a person getting a pedicure, which also provides a workspace for storing instruments and supplies required for performing pedicures.

It is another object of the development to provide a pedicure station that can give an elevated platform on which pedicure related items can be located and easily accessed by the user, at the same time while performing a pedicure.

There are two types of pedicure stations – a normal rolling cart that the manicurist sits on, with a bar in the front your feet relax on, or a large chair with a sink at the feet. Generally, higher end salons and spas use the latter style, and are often called pedicure chairs.

The Pedicure station can contain a portable accessory platform for placing all types of pedicure accessories all throughout the pedicure process. The station can comprise a base and a top member, with the support member pivotally linked to the top member.

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